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Tender: AG8092_16 - Streetlight Services, A.C.T., closes 25/08/2016 11:00 a.m. NSW ...

Ausgrid is responsible for ensuring the safety and reliability of its electricity supply network. Regular maintenance and servicing of street lighting is crucial in meeting this responsibility by ensuring that streetlights maintain compliance with public lighting standards.
Ausgrid is inviting tenders from experienced companies who offer the expertise, business management systems and required capability to provide streetlight maintenance services including electrical services, meaning Ausgrid can continue to foster long standing relationship with the external market for these works.
Throughout each Performance Period Cycle, the Contractor must provide adequately resourced streetlight servicing to meet all Contract requirements; particularly in meeting the streetlight Single Performance schedules provided in Part A Specification, Annexure 1, plus individual ad hoc work orders.
In summary, within the Contractors allocated contract region the Contractor must:
a) replace street lighting lamps and fluorescent lamp starters
b) clean reflective surfaces contained within the streetlights
c) clean streetlight visors
d) replace defective and missing visors and gaskets
e) replace damaged shades
f) replace defective photoelectric cells (PE)
g) carry out minor non-electrical repairs
h) carry out electrical work as required
i) establish and maintain contractors store and manage materials supplied by Ausgrid
j) dispose of all replaced materials and packaging
k) carry out post work inspections of the work area
l) carry out traffic route streetlight (TRS) audits every four months (3 times per annum) within nominated major traffic route plans
m) use Ausgrid's SAP system to source notifications, schedule work and check work progress
n) use mobile electronic devices and Ausgrid's SAP system to complete streetlight details
o) create MD (master data) notifications in the SAP system to enable cleansing and correction of incorrect streetlight data
p) installation / maintenance of lighting solutions street lights

Tender: P16/49 Solar Systems Supply and Installation to Council Buildings, Tasmania, closes 24/08/2016 3:00 p.m. NSW ...

Closing time and date: 3:00pm Wednesday 24 August 2016.
Pre-tender Briefing: A pre-tender briefing will be held at 10.00am on Wednesday 10 August 2016. Further details are available in the tender documents.
Documents: In order to submit a tender, tenderers are required to first register at and download the tender documents. Registration to receive documents and submit tenders is provided free of charge to tenderers registering via the City of Hobart e-tendering portal.
Lodgement: Tenders are to be lodged in accordance with the Conditions of Tendering using the electronic tender box made available for the tender at by the closing time and date.
Enquiries: All enquiries must be referred to the City of Hobart using the on-line forum established for the Request for Tender at
(ND Heath)

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