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Tender: RFT 2016/079 - Community Engagement, Identity and Digital / Information Architecture, New South Wales, closes 15/11/2016 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Northern Beaches Council Tender.
RFT 2016/079 - Community engagement, identity and digital / information architecture.
Northern Beaches Council administers an area of 254 square km with over 263,000 residents on Sydney's northern beaches.
Northern Beaches Council is working closely with the community to build strategies that enhance our quality of life, promote sustainable development and protect our environment.
Council seeks the services of a specialist consultancy to assist in evolving the current identity to be an authentic shared vision. The key deliverables are the development of the Strategy and Architecture, Toolkit and Style Guide to be applied across all areas of Council. The architecture will be used in the presentation of services and information to the community. This is a critical element of the project as the digital environment of the three previous organisations evolve into one.
Extensive engagement is to be designed to assist in determining and supporting the community vision which will be articulated through the community strategic plan process, directly informing the evolution of the identity of the Northern Beaches Council. The current identity is to be evolved to support the community vision and the organisation's operational services, marks and to determine the next phase of Council's identity.
The strategy must specifically speak to and address the brand / positioning of the identity for:
- Place - Natural and built environment, villages, beaches, bodies of water, sports fields, surf clubs, community connectedness through activations.
- Corporate - Authentic, excellent, sustainable experience for customers (customer service, businesses, service delivery of roads, rates and rubbish, protecting the natural environment, managing the built environment and support in crisis.
- Tourism - Sustainable economic development of tourism, key attractions and events - food and wine, arts and culture, youth and children.
- Employment - Business excellence, customer service, and values based organisation.
Council is keen to engage professional services to evolve the current identity to present a unifying vision and presentation of the former councils into one new organisation and digital / information architecture and style guide.
The evaluation criteria for this tender are:
Schedule F1, Tender Form, Pass/Fail
Schedule F2, Non-Compliance and Qualifications, Pass/Fail
Schedule F3, Business Information, Weighted
Schedule F4, Financial Information, Pass/Fail
Schedule F5, Performance Information, Weighted
Schedule F6, Quality Assurance, Pass/Fail
Schedule F7, Work Health and Safety, Pass/Fail
Schedule F8, Environmental Sustainability and Social Equity, Pass/Fail
Schedule F9, Personnel, Weighted
Schedule F10, Sub consultants, Weighted
Schedule F11, Conflict of Interest and Fair Dealing Declaration, Pass/Fail;
Schedule F12, Insurance, Pass/Fail
Schedule F13, Proposed Methodology, Weighted
Schedule F14, Schedule of Fees, Weighted

Schedules F3 and F5, 15%
Schedules F9 and F10, 40%
Schedules F6 and F13, 15%
Schedule of Fees F14, 30%
Full tender documents are available for download at a cost of $100 GST exclusive.
A Site briefing will be held on 31st November 2016 at Council Chambers, 725 Pittwater Road Dee Why at 10:00am.
Tenderers should ensure they review the tender documents and understand the scope of work before attending the briefing. (See Part A5 - Conditions of Tender for details).
Tenders close at 2pm on 15th November 2016 and must be fully received by this time.
Tender submissions should be lodged in the tender box at Northern Beaches Council, Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW 2099 by the time and date nominated. Late submissions will not be accepted. (See Part A6 Conditions Of Tender for details).
Documents must be obtained after registration on the etendering portal which is free (see option below).
Tender enquiries should be directed to the Tendering Officer via the online forum (see forum option below).

Tender: Pre-budget System, Australia, closes 18/11/2016 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

ATM ID: FIN/021/16/EoI.
Agency: Department of Finance.
Close Date & Time: 18 November 2016 at 2.00 pm (ACT Local Time).
Location: ACT, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, QLD, NT, TAS.
ATM Type: Expression of Interest.
Description: The Pre-Budget systems key objectives are to facilitate:
· a single registration, repository and consolidation of relevant information relating to Submissions/Letters, and NPPs to creating Costing Agreements and recording Government Decisions (Note: Cabinet Documents cannot be attached);
· reduce effort when searching and retrieving information for reporting purposes;
· real-time and on-demand status reporting on workflows e.g. number of costings agreed in a defined period;
· the ability for multiple users to access and view information including running reports, simultaneously;
· secure access and permission controls;
· easy- to-use process for storing e-mails and other documents linked to each NPP and Costing; and
· linking of Submissions to NPPs to multiple Costings and Government Decisions.
Other Instructions: Industry briefings for this EOI: Tentative date is 8 November 2016. Confirmation of the date will be issued via an addendum.
The scope of the project will comprise detailed analysis of potential Pre-Budget system replacements. This EOI will inform Finance of potential commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems in the market with the capability to address the business requirements.
Timeframe for Delivery: Implementation of a replacement Pre-Budget System within the Department of Finance is planned to commence from March 2017 - December 2018.
Address for Lodgement: Electronic lodgement of tender responses via AusTender,
Contact Details: The Tender Officer. P: (02) 6215-2946. E:
This information is subject to change and should be verified on the AusTender Website. Documents available from Internet Site:
the following address (please click here)

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