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Tender: CS0839B Meter Reading System, New South Wales, closes 10/11/2017 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

For the purpose of cyclic billing, the Principal currently completes manual meter reads on approximately 235,000 water meters, three times a year. The Principal outsources this task to a contracted partner. The Principal owns a fleet of mobile handheld devices which are provided to our contracted partner to be used in completing the meter reading schedule. The fleet of handheld devices provided are coupled with a licensed software system which receives meter reading schedule information from the Principal's billing system, whilst also returning usage data gathered by the meter reading team from the field. This information is then used to generate customer billing data.
The handheld devices and associated software is provided under a licence arrangement which includes ongoing hardware maintenance and technical support for the software. The Principal has assessed its options to replace the meter reading system, including making considerations for our intent to introduce automated meter reading/advanced metering infrastructure (AMR/AMI) capability into our meter fleet in the future, and for the introduction of quarterly billing. The Principal is seeking a meter reading system that allows for choice in the mobile handheld device used in the field to complete meter reads, whilst advancing the organisations current capacity to build and manage its manual meter reading schedule.

The primary purpose of the meter reading system is to receive a list of meters grouped together in a set sequence (routes) which directs the meter reading team to property connection points so that usage data can be recorded from the meters installed on them. The routes are set within the Principal's CIS system, and downloaded via a nightly batch process into the meter reading system. The meter reading system allocates a meter reading route to a field officer via their handheld device. The manual reading task is carried out for all meters in the route and uploaded into the meter reading system.
The read data is validated to confirm its accuracy, before it is uploaded via nightly batch process into the Principal's customer billing system. Prior to the upload, the work scheduler will be required to re-issue individual read requests for meters in a route which have been skipped or failed a set of defined business rules.. The re-issuing of these requests can be sent to any other member of the team. Once the validated information is uploaded into the Principal's billing system, it is used to generate usage charges on customers cyclic account.
Any system that replaces the current meter reading system must have the ability for the Principal and its contracted partner to manage the creation and management of its manual meter reading schedule efficiently. Whilst the ability to accept AMR/AMI reads is listed as a requirement of this specification, the Principal expects to maintain a majority of mechanical meters in its fleet for some time.

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