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Tender: RFT 1666 - Panels for Street Lighting and Traffic Signals, New South Wales, closes 18/10/2016 11:00 a.m. NSW ...

The City of Sydney invites Tenders from suitably qualified and experienced organisations for Panels for Street Lighting and Traffic Signals
Tenderer(s) will be required to deliver the City's lighting (including but not limited to SmartPoles) and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) traffic signals upgrade. Service Providers must have the relevant Ausgrid or RMS accreditations to deliver works under this Agreement.
A ranked panel of Service Providers will be developed for the Street Lighting and Traffic Signals contracts. The Agreements will run for two years, with three annual extension options available at the City's discretion.
The estimated annual value of this contract across all categories of work is $5million, with approximately $3.5million in street lighting and $1.5million in traffic signals.
Tenderers are required to demonstrate their capacity, financial and technical capability for completing the project within the required timeframe, have had previous experience on similar sized projects and demonstrate a commitment to WHS and environmentally sound Principles.
ENQUIRIES: Tender enquiries should be directed to the Tendering Officer via the online forum (see online forum option below).
SUBMISSIONS: Completed responses can be submitted via the electronic tender box (preferred) using the attached returnable forms. Respondents will receive a Successful Submission Receipt timed and dated upon completion. Should assistance be required please use the online manual on the portal under Support/Online Manuals/Making a Submission or contact Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800 233 533. Submissions can also be placed in a sealed envelope and endorsed with the tender title, number, and closing date, and placed in the Tender Box located Town Hall House, Level 1, 456 Kent Street Sydney 2000 by the nominated time and date.
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tenders close at 11AM AEST on Tuesday 18th October 2016 and submissions must be fully received by this time. Council is not bound to accept the lowest priced Tender or all or any part of a Tender and reserves the right to conduct the Request for Tender process and select the successful respondent(s) as it sees fit.

Tender: Construction of Dual Use Path, Western Australia, closes 12/10/2016 4:00 p.m. NSW ...

Enquiries to Stuart McCarthy on 9528-0349.
The purpose of this project is to construct a 2.6 metre wide principal shared path. The main aspects of the project are site clearing, earthworks, construction for retaining walls, fences, pavement construction, asphalt, relocation and protection of existing services, and installation of signs and road markings.
The works are located along the southern side of Safety Bay Road between Eighty Road and Mandurah Road (approximately 1.4km's).
Access to the site is from Safety Bay Road. All works to be undertaken from Safety Bay Road.
Tenders close at 2pm Wednesday 12 October 2016 at the City's Administration Centre, Civic Boulevard, Rockingham.
Request for tender documents, containing full details of the work and details regarding the lodgement of quotes, will be available for collection from 10am on Tuesday 27 September 2016.
Collection methods for hardcopy and electronic versions - Call (08) 9528-0333, or request the document on the City's website: (Our City - Doing Business in Rockingham Section). The document will be emailed to you within 24 hours, mailed or made available for collection. The tender document cannot be downloaded from the website.
The submission of tenders via facsimile or electronic mail will not be accepted.
The lowest or any quote not necessarily accepted. Canvassing of the Mayor or councillors will lead to automatic disqualification.
Andrew Hammond, Chief Executive Officer.

Tender: Laying of Substantial Lengths of New Kerbing, Western Australia, closes 10/10/2016 5:00 p.m. NSW ...

The Shire of Manjimup is seeking tenders from suitable civil contractors for the laying of substantial lengths of new Kerbing within the Manjimup CBD.
To register for tender documents contact the Director of Development and Regulation, Brian Robinson on: 9771-7725 or via email:
All tenders close at 3.00pm on Monday, 10th of October 2016.
Late tenders will not be accepted. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Canvassing of Councillors or Council officers will disqualify.
Each tender submission must be clearly marked noting its full title (including the tender number and delivered to the tender box, Shire of Manjimup Customer Service Centre, 37-39 Rose Street at or by facsimile on 9771-7771.
For further information, please call Brian Robinson, Director of Development and Regulation on: 9771-7725 or email:
Brian Robinson, Acting Chief Executive Officer.

Tender: Commodity Server Hardware to Support Object Storage, Victoria, closes 10/10/2016 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Tender No. RFT201635. RFT.
Closing: 10 October 2016, 14:00 AEST.
The Swinburne Cloud Infrastructure is a part of the Cloud Enablement project located at Swinburne University of Technology ('the University'). The Swinburne Cloud provides access to cost efficient compute, storage and middleware service infrastructure with cloud characteristics that meets University's staff and researchers needs.
The University currently provides a variety of data storage services to University staff and researchers, and wishes to diversify the technology underpinning its storage services in order to increase cost effectiveness and improve service performance.
This Request for Tender(RFT) is for provision of Ceph based Storage and monitoring servers needed to geographically replicate at the two(2) Data Centres at Swinburne University.
The University has developed a specification for the commodity storage servers required and seeks to purchase servers to that specification. About the Process: Respondents will be required to complete the pre-qualification response as part of their submission by the due date.
Communication during the Tender Process: It is a requirement that respondents use the communication tools within the e-tender system to make enquiries about the process or request clarifications from Swinburne. We will also respond to your enquiries using the e-tender system.
Submission Requirements: You are required to submit your tender using this e-tender portal. Swinburne will not accept responses submitted in any other way ie hardcopy, email or by USB stick.
Documents available from Internet Site

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