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Tender: Laboratory Security Works, Perth, closes 15/02/2019 12:00 p.m. NSW ...

ATM ID: EST03691.
Agency: Department of Defence - DSRG.
Close Date & Time: 15 February 2019 at 12.00 pm (ACT Local Time).
Location: WA.
ATM Type: Request for Tender.
Description: The scope of works comprise of the expansion of existing Submarine Combat System Laboratory (SMCSL) operations in Building A0051 including SMCSL room, the Server room, the Sonar Processing Lab (SPL) room and the office room adjacent to the SMCSL room.
The refurbishment works will involve upgrading the existing services such as electrical and mechanical services, communication (ICT) and security systems to suit new functional requirements for the expanded SMCSL room.
Other Instructions: The tender documents (including Contract) are attached on AusTender (under 'Go to ATM documents').
The scopes of works and associated documents have not been attached. To obtain the full scope of works documentation, tenderers are to submit a signed Confidentiality Agreement as follows:
1. Click on Go to ATM Documents
2. Download the tender documents
3. Go to Confidentiality Agreement
4. Print and sign the Confidentiality Agreement
5. Return the signed copy by email, as a scanned PDF file, to the Contact Officer / PDS Contractor noted below
Timeframe for Delivery: Within 20 weeks of contract execution.
Address for Lodgement: AusTender at in accordance with instructions in Request documentation.
Contact Details: Aleks Jovic. P: (08) 6145-9300. E:
This information is subject to change and should be verified on the AusTender Website. Documents available from Internet Site:

Tender: CS0952 Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution, Hunter, closes 13/02/2019 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

The Buyer's (Hunter Water Corporation) Information Services Division has a current fleet of approximately 200 corporate mobile devices that include 160 iPhones and 40 iPads, primarily used by Field Teams (Civil and Electrical Maintenance Management - EMM). The numbers of corporate mobile devices are estimated to increase to 500 and 350 BYODs over the next 3 to 5 years.
The introduction of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution will require a platform that will meet the following ICT objectives outlined in the business and solution requirements.
These include:
· Provide improved device control, with the ability to automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of devices and improve security for business end users;
· MDM will force devices to utilise the Buyer's security policies, this will improve security and reduce risk examples would include enforcement of a passcode to lock devices, the ability to remotely wipe and lock lost or stolen devices to protect The Buyer's data;
· Ability to deploy the Buyer's approved applications remotely making setup of devices easier for personnel; and
· Improve ICT support productivity with the increasing number of devices under support with similar resource levels to those used for manual support of devices, including corporate, meter reading and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) over the next three (3) to five (5) years.
The Buyer will only be accepting MDM solution options from the following vendor solutions:
Citrix XenMobile; and
VMWare Workspace ONE / Airwatch.
Other vendor solutions will not be accepted.

Tender: Central West Structures Stage 4, Central West, closes 25/02/2019 3:00 p.m. NSW ...

Closing: Monday 25 February 2019 at 2:00pm, Brisbane, Queensland.
Region/s: The Central West, Rockhampton.
Tender Overview: In December 2018 Queensland Rail introduced a Contractor Safety and Environment Management (CSEM) Process to develop and deliver a best practice Contractor Safety Management Process for Queensland Rail to combat the spike in the number of high potential incidents involving contractors. The Central West Structures Stage 4 works and subsequent contractors are required to comply with this new process.
The Safety and Environment Management Process is aim to enhance how Queensland Rail manage contractor safety which will include a contractor classification and prequalification process.
With a view to effectively manage rail safety in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 and Rail Safety National Law (Queensland) Act 2017, Queensland Rail has developed the CSEM Program as per below:
· Depending on the scope of works and the location of the works, contractors are required to complete and submit the relevant Safety and Environment Pre-qualification questionnaires (including supporting evidence) for review and evaluation.
· Contractors who pass the pre-qualification process are added to Queensland Rail's 'Pre-Qualified Safety and Environment Contractor Register' and are eligible to tender for other works, provided these works are within the same category under which they have been pre-qualified.
· The validity of the pre-qualification is two (2) years and may be extended under certain conditions.
Refer to the attached Pre-Qualification Process and the webpage below for further information on the CSEM Program:
The Central West Structures Stage 4 Works has been classified as a Category 1.
Category 1: Principal Contractor: External construction companies engaged by QR as a Principal Contractor for a construction project; being a project that involves construction work where the cost of the construction work is $250,000 or more.
To be eligible to undertake the works you will be required to respond to a set of mandatory and non-mandatory questions listed within spreadsheet 'MD-18-400 - Contractor Safety & Environment Pre-Qualification Questionnaire: Category 1'. Refer to the weblink for the spreadsheet:
Please complete the Stage 1 of the prequalification questionnaire before 10:00am AEST, Thursday 31 January 2019 and return it to the Contact Officer,
Enquiries: Steven Kang, phone: 3072-0020,
Enquiries: Tom O'Reilly, phone: 3072-2724, email:
Documents available from Internet Site: Tender: Park Upgrade, Melbourne, closes 19/02/2019 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons/organisations, for the following contract. Tender documents detailing the specific requirements are only available electronically for download at
Contract Title: The Lakes Reserve Flagship Park Upgrade.
Contract No: 19/2642.
Tenders close 2.00 pm, Tuesday 19 February 2019.
All enquiries relating to the above tenders should be directed to Tendering Services on telephone (03) 9249-4301.

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