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Tender: RFQ 2018/060 - Forestville Playing Fields Sports Amenities, New South Wales, closes 15/05/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

The Northern Beaches Council is the formation of the merging of Manly, Pittwater and Warringah councils. It marks a new era and a period of exciting transformation. The new Council is committed to maintaining a high level of customer service to the local community.
Northern Beaches Council is working closely with the community to build strategies that enhance our quality of life, promote sustainable development and protect our environment.
Council is seeking quotations from suitably qualified contractors to carry out the following outline scope of works:
Switching around of the male and female amenities within the Forestville Playing Fields Sports Amenities Building and general refurbishment of both, including tiling, new sanitary fixtures and fittings, and new lighting.
The works are to be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements in this document. To have quotations considered, contractors will need to ensure that all required information requested in the Request for Quotation document is provided.
The works are expected to commence in June 2018.
The evaluation criteria for this request for quotation are:
RFQ Part C1,Identification, Information Only
RFQ Part C2 Non Compliance and Qualifications, Pass/Fail
RFQ Part C3 Work Health and Safety, Pass/Fail
RFQ Part C4 Insurance, Pass/Fail
RFQ Part C5 Proposed Methodology, 40%
RFQ Part C6 Pricing Schedule, 60%
Full RFQ documents are available for download at no cost.
Quotations close at 2pm on 15 May 2018 and must be fully received by this time.
Submissions should be lodged in the electronic tender box or in the physical tender box at Northern Beaches Council, Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW 2099 by the time and date nominated. Late submissions may not be accepted.
Documents must be obtained after registration on the e-tendering portal which is free.
Tender enquiries should be directed to the Tendering Officer via the online forum.

Tender: ITT 13/2018 Escarpment Boardwalk, Parramatta Construction of Pathway, Northern Bank of the River, New South Wales, closes 23/05/2018 10:00 a.m. NSW ...

Tender No. 13/2018 Escarpment Boardwalk, Parramatta, Construction of Pathway along the Northern Bank of the Parramatta River from Charles Street Weir to the Gas Works Bridge, Parramatta
The City of Parramatta Council is located 24 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD and provides a range of goods and services within a local government area (LGA) encompassing some 84 square kilometres and comprises a population of approximately 230,000 people from a range of diverse cultures, lifestyles and experiences.
The City of Parramatta Council (CoP) is constructing a comprehensive cycleway network throughout its local government area to facilitate cycling as an alternative transport mode and to provide space and facility for healthy recreational activity.
A primary component of the network is the Parramatta Valley Cycleway (PVC) which traverses along the Parramatta River frontage. When completed, the PVC will be a continuous off road shared path linking the health facilities campus at Westmead, Parramatta Park, the Parramatta CBD, UWS, employment and residential areas along the route, Sydney Olympic Park and Meadowbank. The PVC has been in planning and construction since 1991 when it was promoted by the then RTA as 'Sydney's premier cycleway along the historic Parramatta River.' Since then most sections of the route have been completed with some final missing links required to be built to provide a continuous off-road shared path.
The City of Parramatta Council intends to construct two parallel pathways to complete the missing link in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway network between Charles Street Weir and Rangihou Reserve. These will consist of a low level 500m pathway connecting existing pathways along the northern banks of Parramatta River between Charles Street Weir and Rangihou Reserve and an elevated 130m pathway connecting Elizabeth and Stewart Streets. The scope includes excavation of steep escarpment and disposal of spoil, piering and ground anchors, precast and in-situ concrete construction, prefabricated steelwork, landscaping and associated works, with critical components predominantly dependant on river transport logistics.
Council considers this as a high profile project and tenders are invited from experienced civil engineering contractors with demonstrated capability in the delivery of complex and high quality public infrastructure projects having essential and specialist experience in all aspects of construction within or adjacent to marine environments.
A key factor in successfully delivering this project is minimising construction impacts on current ferry services that operate from the adjacent Parramatta Ferry Terminal on the south bank.
A final decision on this tender is anticipated to be made in July 2018, with works anticipated to commence soon after.
No pretender meeting is proposed, however it is recommended that prospective Tenderers visit the project site to confirm the 'Scope of Work', and if questions arise submit these via the Tenderlink forum or to
REGISTRATION: Tender documents may be obtained (see option below).
ENQUIRIES: Enquiries should be directed to:
1. via the online forum (see option below) or,
2. email: or,
3. by phone to Council's Procurement Officer on 9806 5320, (Please note that Council requires all enquiries for advice with regard to a specific tender to be submitted in writing.)
Please Note: The Tender Forum, both Tenderlink & closes 2 business days before the Tender closing date.
Completed responses can be submitted via the electronic tender box (see option below) or in a sealed envelope and endorsed with the tender title, number, and closing date, and placed in the Tender Box located at City of Parramatta Council's Ground Floor, 126 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 by 10.00am Wednesday, 23 May 2018.
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tenders close at 10.00am Wednesday, 23 May 2018 and submissions must be fully received by this time. The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted, and any action or contact that may be considered as an attempt to influence a decision of Councillors or Staff shall disqualify the relevant tender. Late, verbal or emailed submissions will not be accepted.

Tender: Cloud Management Portal, Queensland, closes 21/05/2018 5:00 p.m. NSW ...

Tender Overview: Queensland Health is seeking responses for ICT9035 - Cloud Management Portal from Suppliers able to provide a Cloud Management Portal to support the Customer's deployment and management of Cloud Services workloads, in accordance with the Specifications set out in the attached Invitation to Offer (ITO).
Suppliers are to note that the Customer will be evaluating responses in accordance with Information Standard IS13 - Procurement and Disposal of ICT Products and Services and the Queensland Procurement Policy and as such the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Participation Scheme and local benefits test will apply in selecting the response that offers the best value for money.
Contacts: Terri Simpson, Type: Contractual, mobile: 0428-314-980,
Closes on Monday 21 May 2018 at 5:00pm, Brisbane, Queensland.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click Tender: Affordable Housing Research Project, Queensland, closes 28/05/2018 10:00 a.m. NSW ...

Tender Overview: The Department of Housing and Public Works has issued this Invitation to Offer in order to procure research with the objectives of:
· Identifying what constitutes 'affordable housing' in Queensland's major population centres (given local population characteristics and needs)
· Defining evidence-based strategies for targeting government intervention and/or investment to improve the supply of affordable housing for key workers and people on low to moderate incomes specific to Queensland.
The work is intended to move beyond a descriptive account or economic analysis/debate about the drivers of housing unaffordability. Further, it is important that the research take into account Queensland's unique regional environments and also the strategic context of the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017-2027 and Housing Construction Jobs Program precinct areas.
Enquiries: Sharron Harper, phone: 3007-4530,
Enquiries: Richard White, phone: 3007-4534,
Enquiries: Kerry McMillan
Closes on Monday 28 May 2018 at 10:00am, Brisbane, Queensland.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click Tender: Manufacture & Install a Safe-T-Cam Gantry, South Australia, closes 17/05/2018 2:30 p.m. NSW ...

Tender Code: DPTI043334. Contract Number: 17C912.
Enquiries: Rhys Krauter of Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, telephone: 8260-0011, email:
Should you require assistance in uploading your tender submission electronically please contact the Tenders SA helpdesk on 8462-1401. It is recommended that you allow at least two hours prior to tender closing time to ensure that you upload your tender. A receipt number will be issued to confirm that your submission has been completed successfully.
Tender closes at 2:00pm Adelaide time 17 May 2018.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click here)

Tender: Bridge Replacement - Design & Construct, North East, closes 28/05/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

BREAK O'DAY COUNCIL. TENDER - BRIDGE 4650 - REPLACEMENT - DESIGN & CONSTRUCT. CONTRACT 030\001\104\. Tenders are invited for design and construction for the Bridge 4650 Replacement.
Tender documents can be obtained by registering on Council's website under the 'Tenders' section at the following link: alternatively, you can contact Council's Executive Assistant on 6376-7900, or via email:
Tenders close at 2:00pm on Monday 28 May 2018.
Tenders are to be sealed in an envelope, marked with the Contract Number and Title, and either delivered or posted to Council offices at 32-34 Georges Bay Esplanade, St Helens, TAS 7216; or emailed to:
Neither the lowest nor any tender will necessarily be accepted.
John Brown, General Manager.

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