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Tender: PQ2732 Provision of Consultancy Services for Commonwealth and State Government Submissions & Grants, New South Wales, closes 09/07/2018 3:00 p.m. NSW ...

ABOUT LIVERPOOL: Liverpool is a suburb of South West Sydney, 32 kilometres from the Sydney Central Business District. The Liverpool Local Government Area covers 305 square kilometres and includes 42 suburbs from Greendale to Holsworthy. Liverpool still consists of semi-rural areas but also has an expanding and vibrant City Centre where major commercial and retail opportunities exist. The population of Liverpool has grown from 188,100 at the 2011 census to an estimated resident population at June 2015 of 204,594, an increase of 8.76%. This makes it the seventh (7th) largest LGA in NSW in terms of population. Population projections by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment indicate that Liverpool's population will increase by 76% between 2011 and 2036, reaching 331,000. This huge population growth will be in need of an appropriate level of jobs.
ABOUT THE PROPOSED CONTRACT: Council intends to enter into a contract for the purpose of meet the demands of population growth and realising the aspiration of "local jobs for local people", it must be strategic and tactical in engaging with the Commonwealth and State governments to source grant funding, agency engagement to deliver joint initiatives and stakeholder engagement to ensure the community and local allies partner with Council to deliver meaningful economic development and infrastructure initiatives.
ENQUIRIES: Tender enquiries must be submitted to Shahrouz Goharshahi, Procurement Officer via the online forum. Liverpool City Council staff are not permitted to take verbal enquiries in relation to the tender.
DOING BUSINESS WITH COUNCIL: Please refer to the Doing Business with Liverpool City Council guide at the following address (please click
here). The guide provides a summary of the standards that Council requires of persons or organisations providing work for Council as consultants, contractors and suppliers. The guide is also attached for your easy perusal. When dealing with Council in your capacity as a provider of goods and services, you must conduct your business in accordance with Council's ethical standards and legal requirements.
SUBMISSIONS: Offers must be completely uploaded as pdf files into the electronic tender box by the closing time. Tenderers will receive a Successful Submission Receipt timed and dated upon completion. Should assistance be required please use the online manual on the portal under Support/Online Manuals/Making a Submission or contact Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800 233 533 or email

Tender: Design Consultancy Services for Station Accessibility Upgrades, Queensland, closes 23/07/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Tender Overview: Queensland Rail is seeking tenders to appoint a qualified design consultant for station accessibility upgrades for the following two packages:
Work Package A:
· Cannon Hill Station
· Auchenflower Station
Work Package B:
· East Ipswich Station
· Loganlea Station
Tenderers may submit offers for either one or both packages but must respond to the complete package as specified in the tender documents.
Please note: Tenderers are to follow the instructions provided in the Supplementary / Conditions of Tendering for this specific tender, not generic instructions provided on this QTenders website.
Enquiries: Carly English email:
Closes on Monday 23 July 2018 at 2:00pm, Brisbane, Queensland.
Submit your response in hardcopy to Tender Box, Ground Floor Railcentre 2, 309 Edward Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000.
Site Visit: A site visit will be held at Multiple stations at 25 June 2018 at 9:00am. Tenderers have the option to inspect the stations during the week dated 25 - 29 June 2018 out of peak hours (i.e. between 9:00am and 15:00pm) as instructed in the Supplementary Conditions of Tendering.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click Tender: World Heritage Bid Digital Knowledge Bank, Metropolitan, closes 05/07/2018 2:30 p.m. NSW ...

Tender Code: AHC043572.
Contract Number: 26/18.
Enquiries: Melissa Bright, telephone: 8408-0580.
Description: Develop a Scope of Works to develop a digital knowledge bank.
Tender closes at 2:00pm Adelaide time 5th July 2018.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click

Tender: Sand Relocation, South East, closes 25/07/2018 9:30 a.m. NSW ...

Tender Code: WRC043570. Contract Number: ENG.020.17/18.
Enquiries: Lauren Oxlade, telephone: 8733-0901,
Description: Wattle Range Council invites tenders for the removal of sand from the Beachport Boat Ramp Basin for the next seven (7) years, with the option of extension up to three (3) years.
The project includes relocation of sand from the Beachport Boat Ramp Basin in the Limestone Coast Region of SA to nearby beaches. The Contractor is to determine the preferred methodology and supply suitable plant and equipment, labour, fuels and consumables, mobilisation and demobilisation, water quality monitoring and reporting, environmental management, safety management and traffic control.
Maintenance of the boat ramp basin generally includes one (1) large dredging campaign per year as well as several smaller 1-2 day efforts each year. Tenders are welcome for either component or both. The first large dredging campaign must be completed by 31 October 2018.
Tender closes at 9:00am Adelaide time 25 July 2018.

Tender: RFT 15-19: Bradbury Wharf Design & Reconstruction, New South Wales, closes 11/07/2018 2:30 p.m. NSW ...

Request for Tender 15-19 Bradbury Wharf Design and Reconstruction
ABOUT THE CITY OF FAIRFIELD: Fairfield City is located 32 kilometres South-West of the Sydney Central Business District (CBD), covers an area of some 104 square kilometres, incorporating 27 suburbs and is bounded by the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Penrith, Liverpool, Cumberland, Canterbury-Bankstown and Blacktown.
Fairfield City is home to approximately 207,000 people and is one of NSW's most populous Local Government Area.
Council is a body politic constituted under the Local Government Act 1993 with the general functions set out in the Local Government Act and is enable to enter into contracts and arrangements of the type contemplated in this Request for Tender (RFT).
Fairfield City Council is self-insured where it provides its own insurance to its workers instead of going through an insurance agent.
Being self-insured requires Council additional licensing requirements to ensure it maintains the high standards expected in Work, Health and Safety (WHS). Accordingly,
Council must demonstrate that its WHS systems and practices comply with the WHS legal framework including the WHS laws (WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2011) and the National Self-insurer OHS Management System Audit Tool (NAT) version 3.
SafeWork NSW monitors and conducts audits on self-insurers periodically throughout the Licence term supported by an audit framework in WHS and case management.
For further information on Fairfield City Council including its structure, functions and services provided, demographics and latest initiatives, it is suggested that you refer to the website at
ABOUT THE TENDER: Fairfield City Council is seeking submissions from professional organisations that have the appropriate certifications, licenses, high standard of capacity and capability and the ability to deliver the best value for money
Fairfield City Council has identified the need to replace the existing structure known as Bradbury Wharf. Bradbury Wharf is located at Chipping Norton Lake. The Chipping Norton Lake is an artificial lake and is part of the Georges River System. Design and Reconstruction of Bradbury Wharf will include an approved design, demolition and disposal of existing elements, and reconstruction of a new wharf / pontoon type structure within the footprint of the existing wharf site.
Council intends to award a contract for design and reconstruction of Bradbury Wharf.
BRIEFING & SITE VIEWING: Tenderers are strongly encouraged to attend the briefing and site viewing which will cover an overview of the Statement of Requirements and provide the tenderers a further appreciation of the site:
Date: Tuesday 26 June 2017
Time: 10.00 am.
Venue: Bradbury Wharf, Corner Silverwater Crescent & Eastbank Avenue,
Tenderers are required to register their attendance via email at
The tenderer will provide the following information when registering for the briefing:
· company name,
· names of representative and position
· contact details - mobile, email etc.
ENQUIRIES: Tender enquiries should be directed to Procurement via the online forum (see option above). Completed responses can be submitted via the relevant electronic tender box (see option above).
TENDERERS TO NOTE: In the preparation and submission of the Tender and without limiting the Tenderers obligations, the Tenderer shall submit a response which includes all Schedules including the Respondents Declaration Schedule and any other declaration required completely filled in together with any other documents, information and details necessary to make the Submission complete. The respondent shall not submit a response without a firm intention to proceed nor engage in any form of collusive practice not directly or indirectly canvass support from an elected member or employee of Council at any time.
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tender close at 2.30 pm AEST on Wednesday 11 July 2018 and submissions must be received in full prior to this time. Late submissions are not accepted.

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