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Tender: Tender to Supply and Implement a Water Management Database (WMDB) Solution, New South Wales, closes 31/10/2018 12:00 p.m. NSW ...

ABOUT: Rous County Council is a county council constituted under the Local Government Act 1993. County councils are different to local councils as they are specifically set up or delegated to provide one or more functions of a local council. Rous has the specific functions of: bulk water supply, weed biosecurity and flood mitigation.
Rous is the regional water supply authority providing water in bulk to the Council areas of Ballina (excluding Wardell), Byron (excluding Mullumbimby), Lismore (excluding Nimbin) and Richmond Valley (excluding land to the west of Coraki). The regional supply network includes approximately 40,100 connections within the reticulation areas of these constituent councils, and around 2,030 retail connections to the Rous trunk main system. A population of around 100,000 is serviced by this water supply system with the actual area of operations being approximately 3,000km2. The principal source of our supply network is Rocky Creek Dam, situated 25 kilometres north of Lismore near the village of Dunoon.
Rous undertakes a wide range of activities to combat the spread of weeds across the local government areas of Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley. Rous also carries out these activities on behalf of Kyogle and Tweed Shire as part of a fee for service arrangement. Rous is the Local Control Authority under the Biosecurity Act 2015.
Rous is a flood mitigation authority operating across the local government areas of Ballina, Lismore and Richmond Valley. Rous is responsible for the construction and replacement of flood mitigation infrastructure, including the routine maintenance of various canals and floodgates and related natural resource management activities.
Council has a range of commercial property interests as well as owning and operating its own water laboratory, Richmond Water Laboratories in Lismore.
ABOUT THE RFQ: Quotations are invited from nominated organisations that have the capability of completing works as detailed in the WMDB System Requirements and WMDB Functional Specification documents.
Rous is seeking a Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, an integrated solution to store, manage and report on Council's water management data.
The objectives of the Water Management Database (WMDB) system are to improve Council's ability to monitor, analyse and report data and to reduce demand on existing resources.
The proposed solution must interface to ClearSCADA software for scheduled and on demand collection of data. While not all variables from ClearSCADA will need to be accessed in the WMDB, the option for Administrator users to select any variables must be available. Ideally an intermediate staging table would be used for the collection of this data.
The proposed solution must also interface to LIMS1 for scheduled and on demand collection of water quality data. It should be noted that as RWL tests water for multiple clients, access to LIMS1 data is restricted to respect the privacy of other client information.
REGISTRATION: Quotation documents must be obtained after registration (see option below).
ENQUIRIES: Enquiries should be directed to Andrew Logan, via the online forum (see option below).
SUBMISSIONS: Completed responses can be submitted via the electronic tender box. Respondents will receive a Successful Submission Receipt timed and dated upon completion. Should assistance be required, please use the online manual on the portal under Support/Online Manuals/Making a Submission or contact Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800 233 533.
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tenders close at 12 noon (AEDST) on closing date of Wednesday, 31 October 2018 and submissions must be fully received by this time. Council is not bound to accept the lowest priced Tender or all or any part of a Tender and reserves the right to conduct the Request for Tender process and select the successful respondent(s) as it sees fit. Council staff are unable to respond to verbal enquiries in relation to the proposal. Verbal, faxed or emailed proposals will not be accepted.

Tender: Provision of Rope & Scope Fibre & Electrical Cable Works, Queensland, closes 18/10/2018 4:00 p.m. NSW ...

Invitation to Offer.
Number: BW42818
Closing: Thursday, 18 October 2018 at 3:00PM, Brisbane, Queensland
Tender Overview: The Queensland Government is seeking Proposals for the Provision of Rope and Scope Fibre and Electrical cable Works for the RoadTek RMPC Electrical program 2018/2019.
Depending on requirements these goods / services specifically include:
· Rope and Scope with detailed reports
· Install 36 traffic core signal cable
· Install 16mm Road Lighting Cable
· Install 48 core Fibre
· Terminate Fibre
· Provide testing results
Contacts: Albert Martin. Type: Technical. Phone: (07) 3066-4486. 0428-100-944. Email:
Closes at Thursday, 18 October 2018 at 3:00PM Brisbane, Queensland.
Documents available from Internet Site the following address (please click Tender: Audit Committee, Tasmania, closes 26/10/2018 4:00 p.m. NSW ...

The objective of the committee is to provide independent assurance and assistance to Council on risk management, control, governance and external accountability responsibilities.
Ideally members of the committee should have accounting or related financial management experience, with understanding of accounting and auditing standards in a public sector environment.
Under its charter the committee provides for three independent members. There are currently two independent members with one vacancy to fill. In addition to three independent members, the committee includes two councillors and is also attended by several senior staff members.
The committee meets at least four times a year with members appointed until September 2020. An attendance fee is payable to independent members. Council invites interested parties to nominate for appointment to this committee.
Nominations should be in writing addressed to the General Manager, Clarence Valley Council, Locked Bag 23, Grafton, 2460 and must be received no later than 4:00pm on 26 October 2018.
Nominees should include a brief resume and reasons why they consider they would be suitable for membership of this committee. The audit committee charter is also available at:
Questions may be directed to Laura Black on 6643-0200.

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