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Tender: RFX CWUA3_2018: Inspection and Condition Assessment of Gravity Sewer and Stormwater Mains using CCTV, New South Wales, closes 09/08/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Centroc seeks, by way of this RFX, to identify suitable providers to deliver gravity sewer and stormwater cleaning, CCTV inspection and condition assessment for the period 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2020 with two optional 12 month extensions available.
Centroc is made up of the following members: Bathurst, Blayney, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Hilltops, Lachlan, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange, Parkes, Upper Lachlan, Weddin and Central Tablelands Water.
To respond to this RFX please go to Apet website portal: the following address (please click
Attachments 1 and 2 referred to in the RFX specification are only available through the Apet portal.
Responses must be entered into the designated boxes in the Apet portal. Responses uploaded in PDF documents instead of in the boxes may be deemed non-conforming.
The Contact Officer for this RFX is:
Contact Officer: Kate Barker
Telephone: 0428-604-513
IMPORTANT - Please read the instructions in the attached 'how to respond' document before seeking assistance from the contact officer.

Tender: Alita Constructions is seeking Quotes for the Ellenbrook Ambulance Depot, Western Australia, closes 09/08/2018 7:00 p.m. NSW ...

GENERAL: Alita Constructions is seeking Quotes from Suppliers and Contractors for the construction of the Ellenbrook Ambulance Depot.
Quotes are sought for but not limited to the following.
Earthworks, Hydraulic_ Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Aluminium Doors, windows and Glazing, Balustrades, Block and Brick Laying, Builders Clean, Gyprock_Ceiling and light metal framing walls, Concreting, Timber Doors, Furniture and Hardware, External Cladding-Composite Aluminium, CFC, Insulated Panels, Fencing, Fire Doors, Formwork, Reo and Steel fixing, Roof Safety, Landscaping, Brick Pavers, Painter, Roof Plumbing, Scaffolding, Toilet fixtures, partitioning, seating and Accessories, Tactiles and Stairnosing's, Structural Steel, Temp Fencing, Ceramic Tiling, Acrylic Coating Texture, Roof Syphonics, Bike Racks and Lockers, Timber Supplies and Roof Carpentry, Concrete polish and honing,
REGISTRATION: Tender documents must be obtained after registration (see option below)

ENQUIRIES: Tender enquiries should be directed via the online forum (see option below).

SUBMISSIONS: Completed responses must be submitted via the electronic tender box (see option below) Respondents will receive a Successful Submission Receipt timed and dated upon completion. Should assistance be required please use the online manual on the portal under Support/Online Manuals/Making a Submission or contact Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800-233-533.

CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tenders close at 5.00 PM Perth Time on Thursday the 9th of August 2018 and submissions must be fully received by this time. Alita Constructions is not bound to accept the lowest priced Tender or all or any part of a Tender and reserves the right to conduct the Request for Tender process and select the successful respondent(s) as it sees fit. Late, verbal or emailed proposals should be emailed to Hank.

Tender: RFT2018/0181 - Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Clearance (Sand Removal) Works, New South Wales, closes 07/08/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW ...

Northern Beaches Council (Council) invites tenders for the carrying out and completion of excavation works for the Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Clearance Operation 2018. The works involve the removal of up to 50,000m3 of material from the entrance of Narrabeen Lagoon from the flood tide shoals located to the east and west of the Ocean Street Bridge, as follows:
-West of Ocean St Bridge: up to 25,000m3
-East of Ocean St Bridge: up to 25,000m3
The excavated marine sand is to be transported to Collaroy/Narrabeen Beach by truck for use as beach sand replenishment material. Access to the beach will be via Mactier, Wetherill, Stuart and (opposite) Jenkins Streets, the last being at the northern end of the Collaroy Beach car park. The material is to be spread smoothly to ensure a uniform terrain.
A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) has been completed in 2016, and is attached to these tender documents. Some amendments to the REF may be made prior to the commencement of works. Bathymetric survey was completed in May 2018, and the preparation of design drawings (Appendix A of the REF) for use by the contractor.
The design of the finished clearance profile aims to remove as much of the accumulated marine sand as possible while aiming to maintain a single well-defined channel and flood storage capacity, suitable batter slopes, suitable seagrass buffers and a smooth bed profile. The depth of excavation is designed to limit excavation to clean marine sand, however there is the potential that the sand may contain some rocks. Any excavated sediment containing pieces of rock will need to be sieved, and any rock exceeding the size specification is to be disposed of off-site.
During the works, the entrance needs to remain closed. In extenuating circumstances, such as potential flooding the contractor may be directed by the Superintendent to open the entrance for a period of time, and then close it again. The entrance will need to be opened at the completion of excavation.

Tender: Exhibit - Gallery, New South Wales, closes 03/09/2018 Close of Business ...

Expression of Interest.
Introduction: Artists, arts organisations and community cultural groups are invited to submit an 'expression of interest' to present exhibitions at the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery throughout 2019.
Exhibitions may consist of traditional or contemporary art forms, film, cultural heritage and community projects. Individual artists, groups and collaborations are all welcome to apply.
The vision of the Gallery is to provide a facility that serves as a vibrant and creative hub for the arts: a space in which to express, explore and celebrate the rich diversity of the arts and cultural heritage of the region.
Aims :
· To be recognised as an Arts and Cultural heritage destination
· To encourage arts practitioners and organisations to actively engage across the arts and cultural heritage sector
· To be a leader in arts - business partnerships.
SCC Community Strategic Plan 2020.
The Main Gallery is used for invited or curated exhibitions, such as Council's Samuel Elyard and City Art Collection, travelling national and regional exhibitions.
There are three (3) spaces within the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery available for hire by individual artists and community groups for the purpose of exhibition -being the East, Access and
Foyer Galleries. The external Courtyard Gallery is available for community art projects by invitation only.
Conditions apply and hirers are asked to read these carefully and then fill in and return the attached application form with appropriate supplementary material.
Completed 'Expressions of Interest' applications are to be addressed and mailed to The General Manager, Shoalhaven City Council, P O Box 42, Nowra NSW 2541 by close of business Monday 3 September 2018 (no late applications will be accepted).
Artists are notified of the success of their application by early October 2018.
An exhibition launch will be held on the Saturday after installation from 12 noon to 2.00pm.
A contribution of $100 towards catering is required.
For further information please contact Bronwyn Coulston, Unit Manager - Arts & Culture, Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, PO Box 42, Nowra, NSW 2541, Ph: (02) 4429-5444 or email: -
marked 'Attention Bronwyn Coulston - File Ref 52707E'.
This form is available on our website under artist information
Documents available from Internet Site

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