Damage from Cyclone Rona totals $4 million

First 4 of 4 paragraphs shown The damage from Cyclons Roma to Far North Queensland road and rail facilities has been totalled and is $4 million worth. The damage figure was released by the State Minister for Transport and Main Roads Steve Bredhauer. He said that although the $4 million had been released, this was still without a firm figure on the amount of lost freight and passenger bookings, and without a figure on the damage to local government roads. He said that steps were being taken to avoid the same problems in future with projects like the new Redlynch Bypass, which will provide a flood-free route for residents in the Northern Beaches and other low-lying north-western suburbs. Bredhauer also praised the work of local government and workers for the Main Roads department during Cyclone Rona.

For further details, contact Harry Williams, Senior Media Advisor on 07 3237 1949, or Andrew Williams, Media Advisor on 07 3237 1944.
Press Release, Qld Minister for Transport and Main Roads, 19 February 1999

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