Bindaree beef worth $75,000 condemned for high endosulfan residue

First 2 of 2 paragraphs shown A direct consignment of cattle, believed to be from Moree, to Inverell's' Bindaree Beef abattoir was condemned after tests showed endosulfan residues five times higher than the Australian maximum residue limit (MRL). Bindaree Beef managing director, Andrew McDonald, said that 143 cattle worth about $525 a head - $75,000 in total - had been condemned after an endosulfan residue level above 1mg/kg was detected. Aside from the condemned consignment of cattle, about $180,000 worth of beef processed at Bindaree Beef has been downgraded from export standard, being above the export MRL (0.1 mg/kg) but below the domestic MRL (0.2 mg/kg). McDonald said the beef had come from both E-listed and non E-listed properties. He said the $50 testing fee for one beast was not charged to the producer, but instead would be claimed from the endosulfan claims panel directly by Bindaree Beef.

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