Qantas employees' new car leasing deal amounts to six per cent annual pay rise

First 3 of 3 paragraphs shown Almost 2000 Qantas employees will be able to lease cars as part of their income under a new wages scheme, equating to a six per cent annual pay rise as a result of savings on petrol, insurance and car registration. Under the deal, employees will be able to sacrifice up to 45 per cent of their salary. The scheme was brokered by the Australian Aircraft Engineers Association with the approval of the Australian Tax Office. The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association said it was the first time such arrangements had been extended to Qantas employees other than executives. Qantas engineers will be able to lease the car of their choice worth less than $55,000, with the lease rental deducted from their pre-tax income. The deal will apply to 1400 licensed Qantas aircraft maintenance engineers and 500 technical salaried staff.


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