British marine scientist warns agains industrial-scale fish farming in Moreton Bay: it's been an environmental disaster worldwide

First 9 of 9 paragraphs shown Industrial-scale fish farming was disastrous environmentally around the world and should not be trialled in Moreton Bay warned a British Scientist on 25 August, according to The Courier Mail (26/8/2003, p. 5).

Sea-based farms have problems: Don Staniford, in Brisbane for an aquaculture conference, said sea-based farms had several flaws. He said all farms, including a kingfish and snapper farm proposed by Sun Aqua near Moreton Island, faced problems with fish escapes, disease, chemicals and unsustainable use of fish feed.

Ocean treated like a toilet: Such farms also treated the ocean like a toilet, using it to flush away faeces and food. "Modern mariculture is a world removed from traditional aquaculture - it's like comparing industrial farming techniques with subsistence farming," Staniford said.

Top of the fish food chain farmed: "What we have done in the past 20 or 30 years is farm fish which are at the top of the food chain. All our land-based farm animals are herbivores. In the sea we have chosen to farm the top carnivores. It's like raising tigers or lions for meat instead of cows."

Dismissed as headline-grabbing: Sun Aqua director Julian Amos, however, dismissed Staniford as a headline-grabbing eco-terrorist with little understanding of the industry.

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