WA Friday 13th mystery as Perth water main bursts causing "serious damage": spews 60 tonnes sand, closes Kwinana Fwy for 2 days

First 8 of 8 paragraphs shown A freeway on-ramp collapsed on Friday 13th as seven megalitres (roughly equal to seven Olympic-sized swimming pools) of water gushed from a burst water main in Perth, reported ABC Online (14/5/05).
Kwinana fwy closed two days: The water flooded the Kwinana Freeway near Mill Point Road yesterday afternoon and it is expected to be at least two days before all south-bound lanes are open to traffic.
Serious damage: Main Roads spokesman Darren Horsfield says there has been some serious damage. "The on-ramp from Mill Point Road that goes south, that's going to be closed for a few days because half of that has disappeared down to China," Horsfield said.
60 tonnes sand disgorged: "Apparently some 60 tonnes of sand was thrown up out of the ground on to the road when the water main burst," he added.
Two of four lanes reopened: Two of the four lanes were re-opened about 8:00pm but Mark Butterfield from Main Roads says it may be several days before things are back to normal. "We do have two lane closures in place for the Water Authority to do works on that area that was flooded away," Butterfield said.
Water Corporation apology: Water Corporation spokesman Phil Kneebone has apologised for the incident and says it is not clear why the 40-year-old pipe burst.
Mystery cause: "They often burst for reasons which aren't automatically apparent," Kneebone said. "This one isn't automatically apparent and an investigation has begun."

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