PetroChina may have agreed to pay $US7-$US9 per million BTU for LNG in 15 to 20 year deal with Woodside Browse

First 5 of 5 paragraphs shown PetroChina had agreed to buy between 2 and 3 million tonnes a year of LNG from Browse, over 15 to 20 years starting in 2013 to 2015, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (11/9/2007, p. 22).

Deal worth $35bn to $45bn: The project, Woodside's largest unde­veloped gas asset, was set to tap about 20 trillion cubic feet of gas and 311 million barrels of con­densates off the north-west coast, the newspaper reported. PetroChina might have agreed to pay $US7-$US9 per million British thermal units for the gas, UBS said in a report last week. "There probably won't be big differences between the CPC and PetroChina deals," Dr Wu said. The transaction with Asia's largest oil company by market value is worth between $35 bill­ion and $45 billion in revenues, Woodside chief financial officer, Mark Chatterji, said.

Reference: Yu-huay Sun and Angela Macdonald-Smith.

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