Tender: Skills & Employment System Transformation, South Australia, closes 07/03/2017 12:30 p.m. NSW

Tender Code: DSD040764. Contract Number: 1617135.
Enquiries: Damian Wood, email: DSDProcurement@sa.gov.au
Description: The goal of the project is to transform the Skills and Employment division's systems to be 'digital by default' so that it is better equipped to provide tailored services to client subsets by flexibly and responsively enacting government policy. The transformation will enable Skills and Employment to become more agile and efficient in meeting the requirements of its customers and in delivering improvements to the accessibility, timeliness and quality of its services.
The desired state is a fully integrated, service delivery platform of skills and employment information and systems to provide:
· end-to-end digital capabilities
· simplified and seamless processes incorporating automation of complex calculations
· a real-time 'single point of truth' of all data and information
· data management with built-in data analytics
· points of control for key business functions and accountability standards
· anywhere, anytime mobile device-enabled capability.
This Request for Information (RFI) is an information gathering process in which the Department of State Development (DSD) seeks to collect innovative responses from solution providers in their ability to meet the brief outlined in Part B. DSD views this RFI as an opportunity for Respondents to contribute innovative ideas based on their knowledge and experience.
This RFI comprises the following parts:
· Part A - Request and General Information
· Part B - RFI Brief
· Part C - Response Requirements and Rules
· Business Capability Document
· Response Schedule
Tender closes at 12:00pm Adelaide time 7th March 2017.
Documents available from Internet Site: the following address (please click here)

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