Tender: T17-004 - Construction Water Reservoir Modification Works in the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities, New South Wales, closes 28/03/2017 10:00 a.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown ABOUT THE COUNCIL: Dubbo is a place that delivers quality of life to its residents and visitors, it is also a city with strong economic foundations. The City is located in the centre of NSW and it is undoubtedly the shopping capital of the west. Dubbo is a service City with a catchment population of in excess of 120,000 people encompassing a third of the area of NSW.
ABOUT THE TENDER: Tenders are invited for the Construction Water Reservoir Modification Works in the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities (LMWUA) Area.
REGISTRATION: Tender documents must be obtained after registration (see below).
ENQUIRIES: Tender enquiries should be directed to Council's Water Asset Planning Engineer, Mr Owen Johns on (02) 6801-4000 or via the online forum (see option below).
SUBMISSIONS: Completed responses may be submitted via the electronic tender box (preferred) (see option below). All completed submissions lodged in the Electronic Tender Box MUST be in PDF FORMAT and submitted as specified within the tender documentation. Tenders that do not follow this requirement will be regarded as non-conforming tenders AND MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.
The canvassing of Councillors and/or Staff Members in relation to this matter will automatically disqualify the applicant from the process.
Respondents will receive a Successful Submission Receipt timed and dated upon completion.
Should assistance be required please use the online manual on the portal under Support/Online Manuals/Making a Submission, by contacting Tenderlink Customer Support on 1800-233-533 or email support@tenderlink.com Tenders may also be lodged in a sealed envelope and clearly endorsed TENDER BOX: The Construction Water Reservoir Modification Works in the Lower Macquarie Water Utilities (LMWUA) Area. (CONTRACT NO. T17-004) and placed in the Tender Box located at Council's Civic Administration Building, Church Street, Dubbo (PO Box 81 Dubbo, NSW 2830).
CLOSING DATE AND TIME: Tenders will be received up to 10.00am on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 and submissions must be fully received by this time. The Council is not bound to accept the lowest priced Tender or all or any part of a Tender and reserves the right to conduct the Request for Tender process and select the successful respondent(s) as it sees fit. Dubbo Regional Council has a Local Purchasing Policy. Please refer to the tender documentation for details. Late, verbal or emailed tenders will not be accepted.

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