Tender: Creative Arts Centre: Tutor Panel, Southern Sydney, closes 28/03/2017 5:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown CITY OF SYDNEY. EXPRESSION OF INTEREST NO: E1216 - PINE STREET CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE: TUTOR PANEL. The City of Sydney invites applications from qualified tutors to assist with the development, delivery and technical support of Pine Street Creative Arts Centres term based and school holiday creative learning programs. The tutor panel will develop, teach and maintain exciting and innovative ways to engage the community in traditional and contemporary arts processes and practices.
Pine Street Creative Arts Centre (the Centre) is the only dedicated, City operated creative arts facility and gallery and has been in existence for approximately 15 years. The Centre is responsible for, among other things, the delivery of creative learning programs to the support the community. Under this responsibility is the delivery of inclusive and accessible programs that offer the community the opportunity to grown, learn, create and connect with creative practice.
The selected tutors shall be responsible for the delivery of the term based creative program which may / can include the following:
· Program development and preparation
· Program / class delivery
· Program evaluation
· Technical support
Tutor specific requirements can be categorised into seven different Service Areas:
Jewellery and Object Ceramics
Painting and drawing
Inclusive programming
Children and Youth programming
Technical Support Tutors
· must be able to work with Pine Street / Libraries and Learning Program Coordinators;
· must be able to work effectively with students, customers and clients;
· must engage in accordance with City of Sydney values and
· must be sensitive to the Council's needs and vision, including the 2030 Sustainable Sydney vision.
Diverse programming is a priority for the Centre to remove barriers to creative participation and tutors will need to have awareness of diversity and inclusion strategies. It is the intention that the Tutor Panel will last for a period of one year with the possibility to extend for a further two years at the City's discretion.
Applicants are required to demonstrate their capacity for providing the services within the required timeframe, have had previous experience in a similar role and demonstrate a commitment to environmentally sound principles.
Expression of Interest documents can be obtained online at: the following address (please click here)
Contract enquiries may be addressed to the Tendering Officer via the online forum accessed on the portal.
Alternatively for further enquiries please contact: Mr Greg Lynn, Tendering Officer: Telephone: (02) 9265-9449. Email: glynn@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
Sealed submissions endorsed 'EOI No. E1216, Pine Street Creative Arts Centre: Tutor Panel' must be lodged online at the following address (please click here) or alternatively placed in the Tender Box located on Level 1, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney, no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday 28 March 2017. Late submissions may not be considered. Monica Barone, Chief Executive Officer.

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