Tender: Scone to Murrurundi Pipeline - Archaeological Testing Program RFQ No. 03/2018, New South Wales, closes 10/08/2017 2:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown Upper Hunter Shire Council (UHSC) has received grant and council funding to construct a 40km water supply pipeline and associated infrastructure from Scone to the township of Murrurundi. UHSC has conducted a full Review of Environmental Factors (REF), including a Due Diligence Heritage Assessment, and a subsequent Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (ACHA).
An outcome of the ACHA is that an archaeological testing program to investigate for the presence of Aboriginal objects needs to be conducted.
In light of the above, Upper Hunter Shire Council is now seeking to engage a qualified and experienced firm to undertake a testing program in accordance with the Office of Environment and Heritage Code of Practice for Archaeological Investigation of Aboriginal Objects in NSW. The terms of engagement will be in accordance with the attached Contract Documents.
Any service provider willing to fulfil the requirements of the proposed contract is invited to submit a Quotation to Upper Hunter Shire Council by the
deadline 2:00pm Thursday 10 August 2017.
Responsibility for lodgement of completed quotation documents by the deadline lies solely with the interested service provider.
Upper Hunter Shire Council is not bound to accept the lowest Quotation or any Quotation submitted.
The quotation documents are available from the Upper Hunter Shire Council's E-Tendering Portal. Download documents from www.tenderlink.com/upperhunter.
All enquiries relating to the proposed Contract must be submitted in writing on the TENDERLINK FORUM at www.tenderlink.com/upperhunter via the tender notice.
Under no circumstances are Interested Parties to submit an enquiry relating to the proposed Contract either directly or indirectly to Council, its employees or any other consultants engaged by Council on this project. All responses to requests for information will be posted by Council on the TENDERLINK FORUM.

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