Tender: T1800002 Reserve and Roadside Maintenance Services, Victoria, closes 06/09/2017 2:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown The City of Greater Geelong is seeking tenders from experienced contractors to maintain open space areas as described below.
The works of this Contract include:
Maintenance of reserves and roadsides within the municipality including; mowing, horticultural duties, spraying, watering and carpentry works.
Dates and works to vary year to year but in general works are to occur over Spring growth periods. The contractor must be available to undertake and complete these works from week to week.
All works will be co-ordinated in accordance with the directions of the Council Representative.
The whole of the work shall be executed to the satisfaction of the Council Representative in strict accordance with this Specification.
Key Contract Terms
Council reserves the right to select a panel of contractors and provides no guarantee of volume of work during the contracted period.
The term of the Contract for the provision of this service shall be for a period of one (1) year with a further two (2), one (1) year options available at the discretion of Council.
The service shall commence on a date to be confirmed. The Contract shall operate on a scheduled rates and quotation basis.
Council reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of contractors at the completion of year one (1) & year (2) of the contract. Council also reserves the right to remove contractor rates if they are deemed too expensive. Contractors reserve the right to submit reducing pricing at the completion of year (1) and year two (2) of the contract.
Cost Reductions
Based on past experience, the Principal is aware that some contractors may wish to lower their rates or prices or forego increases in rates or prices during the Contract Term in order to make their rates or prices more attractive to the Principal. Please refer to the T1800002 Tender document and in particular the General Contract conditions clauses. Specifically, clause 11.7 is intended to provide a formal process for such steps. The Contractor is, however, under no obligation to utilise clause 11.7 for that purpose.
Occupational Health & Safety
The tender evaluation panel will consider the details of the tenderer's OH&S system provided in or in response to Schedule 7 of the documents attached.
Tenders which do not contain details of OH&S systems which meet the minimum required standards will not be considered for the contract.
Key Dates
The key dates (estimated only in some cases) for the tender process and Contract are stated below.
Acceptance of tender: September 2017
Contract Start Date: Late September 2017
For tender assistance contact: Adrian Rainbow on (03) 5272 4636.

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