Tender: Pump Procurement, Victoria, closes 25/10/2017 2:00 p.m. NSW

Doreen Sewage Flow Control Facility (SFC014) transfers raw sewage from the Mernda and Doreen catchment into the receiver sewer, Eltham Main Sewer. It is currently being upgraded as it has reached capacity. To cater for anticipated flows until the year 2040, the procurement of new pumps is required to ensure design flows of up to 425L/s are catered for.
The pump station will consist of three pumps, duty / assist / standby. For normal operation, one duty pump will operate with "Cut In" and "Cut Out" levels for average inflows with the provision of "Intermediate Cut In" levels at reduced pump speed to maintain a continuous flow in the rising main. Under peak (wet weather) inflows, two duty pumps will operate with "Assist Cut In" and "Cut Out" levels, the "Assist Cut In" level will be higher than the normal "Cut In" level. Under an emergency scenario, one duty pump will also be required to operate at a reduced speed for bypass operation. The pumps will be located within a circular "wet" pump well.
YVW wish to procure the pumps now to allow exact pump dimensions and requirements to be included in the final design of the pump station. Successful completion of this contract provides YVW with the pumping capacity required to service the growing development areas in and around Doreen now and into the future.
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Closing On: 25 October 2017 at 2pm.
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