Tender: COR-RFT-02/18 Bush Regeneration Services, New South Wales, closes 03/04/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown ABOUT THE COUNCIL: The City of Ryde has an area of 40.651 square kms and lies in the central northern part of the Sydney Metropolitan area, approximately 12kms from the centre of Sydney. The City occupies, most of the divide between the Parramatta and Lane Cover rivers, and has 16 suburbs within its boundaries.
ABOUT THE TENDER: The City of Ryde Council is seeking Tender submissions from suitably qualified contractors to provide professional and reliable Bush Regeneration Services including strategic weed control, natural area restoration and may incorporate revegetation in a variety of open spaces.
Council's intention is to establish a panel of prequalified contractors to deliver Bush Regeneration Services. Council reserves the right to engage single or multiple contractors to meet the needs of the Bush Regeneration Services tender.
There are 34 sites available currently requiring Bush Regeneration Services; each site is unique in terms of history, topography and land use, with varying degrees of weed infestation, therefore each site requires a specific individual or tailored approach. The primary scope of works will include (but is not limited to):
-Bush Regeneration
-Reducing weed infestation in nominated sites
-Reduce and control specified weed species
-Maintain previously worked sites
-Replant areas or species unable to regenerate
-Monitor and report on progress of works
Council expects the service provider to provide best practice, techniques and methodology during the term of the contract. The proposed arrangements will service the geographic local government area of the City of Ryde.
The term of the contract will be from July 2018 until June 2020. The contract will then have an extension of 1 year until June 2021, and an option to extend for a further 1 year until June 2022 subject to a satisfactory performance.
REGISTRATION: Tender documents must be obtained after registration. Tender documents may be obtained by first registering on the e-tending portal at www.VendorPanel.com.au . If you experience difficulty accessing this website, please contact the VendorPanel Helpdesk on (03) 9095 6181.
CANVASSING SUPPORT: A Tenderer shall not directly, or indirectly, canvas support from an elected member, employee or Council at any time. Any Tenderer involved in such activity will result in their Tender being rejected.
SUBMISSION: Completed responses can be submitted via the electronic tender box (preferred) using the attached word version of the Schedule. Respondents, will receive a successful submission, receipt timed and dated upon completion. Furthermore, hard copy submission can also be placed in a sealed envelope and endorsed with the Tender title, number and closing details. If submitting a tender via hard copy, the tender box is located in the foyer of Council's North Ryde Office.
Address Details: Level 1, Building 0, 3 Richardson Place, North Ryde, NSW 2113.
CLOSING DATE AND TIME IS: 02:00pm, Tuesday 3 April, 2017
Should any assistance be required, please use the online manual on the portal under the support/online manuals/making a submission or contact. Alternatively, you can contact VendorPanel Customer Support on (03) 9095 6181 or email www.VendorPanel.com.au

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