Tender: Asset Management Enterprise System, Tasmania, closes 08/08/2018 3:00 p.m. NSW

Request for proposal no. TR-RFP0176.
Tasmanian Railway Pty Ltd are seeking the services of a suitably qualified, experienced and competent Software Services Provider to provide costed proposals and rates for the staged supply and implementation of an asset management enterprise system for maintenance management and related services. A proven product, preferably already in use in the rail environment for management of linear assets, will be valued in a proposal, as will be a product that delivers the immediate needs of TasRAil, interfaces with existing enterprise systems, with capability to deliver additional asset management functions over time as asset management plans are finalised and the strategy evolves.
Key points of tender:
· Knowledge, experience and understanding of electronic management of asset maintenance;
· Qualifications, experience and breadth of resource capability is important;
· Relevant reference sites available;
· "Out of the box", with minimal customisation is preferred; and
· Proponents are to demonstrate their support of Tasmanian industry and business.
To register your interest to participate in this RFP, please email procurement@tasrail.com.au with the following information:
· The name of your organisation;
· Representative's name and title; and
· Contact details of your organisation, including business address and telephone number.
You must quote the applicable TR-RFP0176 on all correspondence.
Closing date: 8 August 2018 at 3.00 pm AET.
Further information is available during business hours by email or by phoning the Procurement Manager on (03) 6335-2638.

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