Tender: CS1010 - Wastewater Pump Stations Wet Well Rehabilitation, New South Wales, closes 12/10/2018 2:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown Due to the collapse of Swansea 3A discharging maintenance hole, concerns were raised over the structural integrity of the wastewater pump station (WWPS) wet wells. The unplanned structural failure of wet wells will cause service interruption by damaging pumps, release sewer flow into environment and breach the Principal's Operating Licence. The majority of the WWPSs are also located in areas which are accessible by the public and therefore any structural failure will pose a safety risk to the public.
Structural engineers were engaged to undertake visual inspection of several selected wet wells with concerns of their poor conditions raised by the Electrical / Mechanical maintenance staff. The inspections found several areas requiring remediation works which form the basis of this scope of works.
Following these inspections, the Principal's Civil Maintenance Group also undertook inspections of three extra pump stations due to the concern of the similar conditions reported by the Electrical / Mechanical staff and found additional areas for remediation, which are also included in this scope of works.

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