Tender: Get Your Art on the Street, Southern Sydney, closes 14/12/2018 5:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown CITY OF SYDNEY. GET YOUR ART ON THE STREET.
Expression of Interest.
We're seeking art and design concepts to be used on construction site hoardings in the City of Sydney local area. This is an opportunity to see your artwork large-scale across the city.
To help enliven the city's streets, developers must comply with City of Sydney guidelines and cover construction site hoardings in high traffic areas with art (as opposed to advertising).
We plan to Licence 10 artworks for up to 20 uses. These artworks will be made available to developers and builders, free-of-charge, for use on hoardings.
All Australian residents, artists, designers and small collectives of 5 or less members - anyone with a compelling concept that meets the creative brief - is welcome to apply.
The brief: We are looking for 2D, printable art and design concepts for hoardings that will:
· Inspire, delight or engage the general public.
· Demonstrate artistic excellence.
· Be suitable for general audiences.
· Consider the flexible nature of hoardings.
· Spark discussion or make people think.
Payment: Each artwork selected will receive a licence fee of $11,400 (plus GST).
Quick reference documents: To ensure your best chance of success, read all these documents thoroughly:
· Expression of interest guidelines
· Design guidelines
· Hoarding artwork template and submission guide
· Licence agreement (draft).
How to apply :
Read expression of interest guidelines carefully.
Complete your application by 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018.
Contact: If you have any queries, please contact: siteworks@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
Documents available from Internet Site https://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/explore/arts-and-culture/opportunities-for-artists/expressions-of-interest/creative-hoardings-program

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