Tender: Kelsey Creek Landfill - Cell 5 Construction, Mackay, closes 07/01/2019 3:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown WHITSUNDAY REGIONAL COUNCIL.
Tender Code: WRC008280. Contract Number: 500.2018.0200.
Closing Date: 7th January 2019 at 2:00pm.
Contacts: Brenda Tengbom, Kalinda Edwards.
Description: Whitsunday Regional Council (Council) has a need to develop its existing operating Landfill waste disposal facility at Kelsey Creek Landfill, 139 Kelsey Creek Road, Proserpine, 4800.
Remaining airspace capacity within the existing engineered waste disposal Cell 4 will be filled in the near future.
Council is seeking to engage experienced civil contractors to construct a new Cell 5 and adjoining Leachate containment system as per the Greentec design, specification and schedule of quantities.
Waste disposal cell 5 at Kelsey Creek Landfill will extend the life of this waste management facility into the foreseeable future and comply with relevant regulatory guidelines and Licence conditions.
Council is committed to improving the environmental conditions at the Proserpine Landfill site and this will be achieved by implementing best practices in the new geosynthetic lined landfill cell's design through to construction with a strong focus on quality assurance and management in order to deliver the landfill cell to the community in a timely manner.
Briefings: Site Briefing: A briefing session will be held at Kelsey Creek Landfill, 139 Kelsey Creek Road, Proserpine, Qld Australia, 4805, on 10 December 2018 at 10:00am. Please confirm your attendance at this meeting via: contracts@whitsundayrc.qld.gov.au no later than 2:00pm on Friday 7th December.
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