Tender: Internal Audit Services, Northern, closes 15/02/2019 3:00 p.m. NSW

Issued by Townsville Hospital and Health Service.
Invitation to Offer.
Number: THHS1156.
Closing: Friday, 15 February 2019 at 2:00PM, Brisbane, Queensland.
Tender Overview: The Townsville Hospital and Health Service (THHS) are seeking to establish a co-sourcing relationship with an external provider for the provision of internal audit services over a minimum 3 year term. The relationship between The THHS and the internal audit co-source partner is not a customer / vendor relationship, but rather a collaborative partnership.
The successful co-source partner will work closely with the Director of Internal audit to deliver professional and consistent internal audit services, articulate sophisticated and informed internal audit report/s, build a solid hub of business intelligence, and develop strategies for continuous improvement.
Further information is provided within the 'Request for Proposal' document.
It is a mandatory requirement for interested tenderers to have the ability to demonstrate recent experience (last 3 years) in completing internal audits within the health service industry. Firms that do not possess this experience, need not apply.
Tenderers are highly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the mandatory criteria and how to prepare your submission as outlined in PART B: RFP Information Table within the 'Request for Proposal' document.
Mandatory Pre-bid Debrief: A mandatory (onsite) pre-bid debrief has been allocated for Wednesday 16th January 2019 at 1:00pm (Qld time).
Parties interested in attending must register their interest by no later than Thursday 10th January 2019. Registration details are provided with the 'Request for Proposal' document.
Unfortunately video/tele conferencing will not be available.
Tender/Technical Enquiries: For probity reasons, all enquiries must be provided in writing to thhs.contracts@health.qld.gov.au
Direct communications with THHS staff is not permitted whilst this tender process remains active.
Please note: Due to Christmas/New Year holiday period the THHS will not be able to acknowledge nor respond to registrations and/or tenderer enquiries from between the dates 20/12/2018 to 02/01/2019
Unless otherwise advised via Addenda, this tender is due to close on Friday 15th February 2019 at 5:00pm (Qld time).
All enquiries/registrations: Iesha Stewart. Email: thhs.contracts@health.qld.gov.au
Documents available from Internet Site https://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/qtenders/tender/display/tender-details.do?CSRFNONCE=AD8937260E0679B6EA41C482274FBD9A&id=26317&action=display-tender-details&returnUrl=%2Ftender%2Fsearch%2Ftender-s earch.do%3FCSRFNONCE%3DAF77EB0C78047714535024CBE97968F7%26amp%3Baction%3Dadvanced-tender-search-open-tender%26amp%3BchangeLevel%3D%26amp%3Binputlist%3DhasETB%26amp%3BorderBy%3DreleaseDate%26amp%3BwithdrawalReason%3D%26amp%3BexpiredReason%3D%26amp%3BtenderState%3D%26amp%3BtenderId%3D%26amp%3Bpage%3D4

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