Tender: Solar Array, Northern Territory, closes 05/02/2019 12:00 p.m. NSW

ATM ID: EST01214.
Agency: Department of Defence - DSRG.
Close Date & Time: 5 February 2019 at 12.00 pm (ACT Local Time).
Location: NT.
ATM Type: Expression of Interest.
Multi-stage: Yes.
Multi-stage Criteria: Subject to clauses 5.2 to 5.5 of the Conditions of Registration, the criteria to be applied for the purposes of evaluation for the ITR Stage are as follows:
a. The proposed corporate structure and the financial and corporate viability of the respondent to provide the Supplies (non-weighted evaluation criteria);
b. Capability and Capacity (40% evaluation weighting)
c. Task Appreciation (40% evaluation weighting) and
d. Previous Performance (20% evaluation weighting)
The subsequent Limited Tender will have the following criteria weighted for evaluation: a. Workload and Proposed Resources - (40% evaluation weighting) b. Methodology and Plans - (40% evaluation weighting) and c. Program - (20% evaluation weighting).
Description: The scope of works of this project is a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) renewable energy installation near Harts Range, Northern Territory (NT). The project is for a Solar PV system of the order of 1000kW to supply the Base. The Solar PV system will require integration with the existing diesel power station on site, including provision of an energy storage system, integration with a live radar capability and management of considerable power quality and other technical issues such as transient loads. An integral part of this project is the ongoing support and maintenance of the system once it has been installed. This maintenance is to be provided by the contractor who installs the system for twenty four months, with extension options for an additional 24 months (48 months total).
Other Instructions: The Invitation to Register (ITR) documents (including draft Contract) are attached on AusTender (under 'Go to ATM documents').
1. Click on Go to ATM Documents
2. Download the tender documents
Any questions relating to this ITR are to be forwarded via email to the Contact Officer / PDS Contractor nominated below.
Tenderers are advised that questions submitted to the Contact Officer between 14 December 2018 and 7 January 2019 will not be responded to until 8 January 2019 at the earliest. Tenderers are to note that any questions submitted which are not responded to via an addendum prior to 14 December 2018, will not be responded to until 8 January 2019 at the earliest.
The cut-off date for questions pertaining to this ITR is seven (7) days before the tender close date.
Industry Briefing: Refer to Clause 2.8 of the Conditions of Registration.
Conditions for Participation: The Commonwealth will exclude a response from further consideration if the Commonwealth considers that the respondent does not comply with the Commonwealth's security requirements set out in the contract.
The Respondent must at the time of submitting its response must satisfy each condition for participation as follows:
· The Respondent must comply with the Building Code 2016 at the time of submitting its registration of interest and the respondent has provided a signed Building Code declaration in the form required at Annex B to the conditions of registration.
· The Respondent must not be precluded from tendering for Australian Government funded work or specifically excluded from participating in this tender price;
· The Respondent must provide a signed Declaration by Respondent in the form required at Annex C to the conditions of registration;
· The Respondent must provide evidence of their Accreditation under the WHS Accreditation Scheme; and
· The Respondent must provide a Workplace Relations Management Plan with their submission.
Timeframe for Delivery: Installation to be complete by 30 December 2019. Maintenance to be provided for two years post completion date.
Address for Lodgement: www.tenders.gov.au
Contact Details: Kevin Hamer. P: (08) 9483-8519. E: Augility.Procurement@ap.jll.com
This information is subject to change and should be verified on the AusTender Website. Documents available from Internet Site:

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