Tender: RFT 2019-17 Concrete Works, Murrumbidgee, closes 06/02/2019 2:00 p.m. NSW

First 1 of 1 paragraphs shown Council is seeking offers from suitably qualified Contractors to undertake concrete works. Council is seeking contractors who are capable of undertaking one or more of the categories listed below.
This is a schedule of rates panel contract (Council may seek lump sum quotes for specific works) for the supply and installation of concrete works.The works will also include installation of associated Civil Works including, but not limited to:
Driveway inverts
Dish crossings
Disabled gutter crossings
Side entry pits
New footpaths
Concrete infill to Traffic Islands
Culverts Headwalls aprons etc
Hand Rails / Hold Rails
Stencils for shared pathway
Bus Stop Shelter Slabs
Picnic table slabs
Footpath repairs
Management of traffic control on the worksite
The Contract will be for an initial period of 24 months (with fixed rates) with the option to extend the contract for two x 12 month periods at the sole discretion of Council. Prior to any extension being excercised by Council pricing may be adjusted by negotiation.
Council may 'refresh' the panel during the contract periods in order for new suppliers to tender and be added to the panel contract.

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