Tender: Graphic Design Services Panel, Melbourne, closes 04/02/2019 4:00 p.m. NSW

Contract No. 2018/19-54.
Council is seeking the services of suitably qualified and experienced graphic design contractors to establish a panel of approved suppliers.
Tender submissions close at 4.00 pm on 4 February 2019.
Before Lodging your Tender: To apply for any Tender, it's important to record your details on the Registration Form.
Emails: Faxed, hard printed copies will not be considered. Email Tender to tender.box@frankston.vic.gov.au will only be accepted.
Please Note: Frankston City Council use general conditions of contract for the supply of goods and services. The RFT, EOI and RFQ will either include a copy of the terms and conditions or clearly state the Standard General Conditions of Contract.
All documents must be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Office Format (Word) only. References to a Dropbox, Cloud or any other third party links will not be accepted.
Contact Us: Questions relating to this Contract should be referred to the Council Officer listed in Part A Documentation.
If you have a problem downloading Tender documents, please contact Contracts and Procurement P. (03) 9784-1902.
Documents available from Internet Site:

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