Tender: Future Tender: Market Sounding - Energy Services, New South Wales, closes Not Stated Not Stated

Proposed ID: Market Sounding - Energy Services.
Expected Issue: Date 28-February-2019.
Agency: Sydney Trains.
Contact Person: Shelley Lister. Phone: (02) 8574-2811. E: shelley.lister@transport.nsw.gov.au
Proposed Tender Details: Sydney Trains is investigating the market place with regard the following 3 services.
1) Electricity Corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)
2) Embedded Network Services (Electricity)
3) Electricity Data Management Systems and Services
Additional Details / Instructions: The purpose of this market sounding is to understand current and future capabilities, service delivery models and trends to assist Sydney Trains in developing strategies regarding the 3 elements that encompass the market sounding.
Sydney Trains would like to hear from market participants who are willing and able to share information regarding their capabilities in these areas.
Participants may request to register for more than one of the areas.
The market sounding will take the form of a brief written submission with regards to your capabilities in the specific area(s) for which your organisation has relevant experience.
As a second part to the market sounding, at Sydney Trains absolute discretion, we may or may not issue invitations for face to face discussions of your capabilities. Participation or non-participation in this Market Sounding exercise does not in any way create any advantage or disadvantage or preclusion or exclusion in any future sourcing activities.
Registration Instructions: In order to gain access to the market sounding documents, Participants are required to register their interest by sending an email to: shelley.lister@transport.nsw.gov.au include the following:
1) Event Title, 2) which area(s) of the market sounding you would like to respond to, 3) Organisation Name, 4) ACN/ ABN, 5) Contact Name, 6) Organisation/Contact Postal Address, 7) Contact Email Address (preferably an email address with the contact person's name), 8) Contact Phone No.
Details available from Internet Site https://tenders.nsw.gov.au/sydneytrains/?event=public.rftproposed.show&RFTProposedUUID=8B40DBC2-A3E7-2239-B7554C31139FBBF4

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