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Specs for Adverts 2012-09-16

Advertising Technical Specs

If you have any inquiries about advertising on this site, please contact David Go  by email

Interim Pricing:

$150 per publication per week.
$250 per publication per fortnight.
$400 per publication per month.

Technical Details

There are 2 Image banner types we allow on our site -

468 x 60 pixels   

for images positioned at the top left of a site.  These images will be visible on all pages for the site.  This is typically known as a "Full Banner".

160 x 600 pixels

for images positioned on the right margin of the site below the login request.  These images are displayed to people who are not logged in as paying subscribers.

We will accept images in GIF, JPEG and PNG format.  While we accept images as large as 50k, we strongly recommend images are kept below 20k, and prefer PNG images.

A URL should be provided along with each banner.  When a user clicks on the banner, they will be directed to the provided URL.

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