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FAQ 2011-03-22

  2. For emissions related to fossil fuels (gas and coal):

    The emissions that appear in the graphs incorporate emissions associated with the mining and transportation of fuels to the power station.

    Data is source from

    1. Note on emissions from hydro generation pumped storage, which may use gas or coal to pump water into storages to make hydro electricity

      For emissions related to Hydro Tasmania Ltd hydroelectricity generators:

      • Due to the emissions having been calculated from annual data (for which efficiency and CO2 coefficients are derived), the data represented in the data tool becomes less accurate when evaluated over a shorter period, and is most accurate when evaluated over a yearly period.
      • CO2 and energy used in pump storage operations is sourced from Hydro Tasmania for the 2008 - 2009 financial year.

      For emissions related to Snowy Hydro Ltd hydroelectricity generators:

      Due to Snowy Hydro's unwillingness to disclose data associated with pump storage operations, emission data is a general approximation based on electricity liabilities for the 2008 - 2009 financial year. Data showed significant pump storage activities due to Australia's drought conditions. The cycling of the limited water was fuelled by imports, by Snowy, from generally, over night baseload coal generation. To derive the emission coeffficients,  coal-fuelled imports were deducted from hydro exports. Snowy Hydro is welcome to critique this approach.

    These contain summaries of ad-free independent news from primary sources
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THEN to enrol to get deliveries of any other publications, say, Electricity Week summary;
(go back to left hand side of home pages - e.g., click Electricity Week; and follow the steps above, again.

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First choose your Keymaster: One person in the your company acts as Keymaster . The company Keymaster manages the services for the company. EWN will train the Keymaster (15 minutes how-to by phone and website) The Keymaster then helps your internal experts to choose the various service to meet their needs. They can choose continuously-updated news and data websites, daily and weekly news pdfs, data tools downloads as graphs or spreadsheets as well as pdf-format instant research tools.

Carbon Data: From 4 August 2009, the sites began to publish green prices. Some of these green prices show zero volumes at the moment. This indicates 'no trades' (while the market waits for debate over MRET expansion, NGAC extensions, and the CPRS, to settle into law). REC and CPRS Bills could face delay until March 2010 - at least. The green price data at the moment remains thin, and unreliable, due to the low number of trades. Erisk will seek to expand sources as the markets expand.

Electricity Data: Electricity price reports started in 1998 with the opening of the NEM. prices are produced daily and weekly as web sites and pdfs, and also as do-it-your-self data tools, for subscribers.

Gas Data: NSW, Qld, SA, Vic, ACT Gas prices and forecasts started 21 July 2009 with the opening of gas trading on the Sydney Futures Exchange, and reporting by national operator, AEMO. Gas Week also publishes summaries of weekly summaries of price and volume by AER and AEMO.

*About Spookweek: The story behind SpookWeek was our newsroom was rudely raided by 10 Australian federal intelligence agents, in the middle of a 2007 period of government terrorism-hysteria. One of the questions asked, was "Do you publish in English? Doh! So we started SpookWeek, to look right back, at the spooks, looking at us. Spookweek also now reports on disaster and emergency responses, and climate-change impact risks. (Statistically, terrorism risk sits very low, compared to impacts of other forms of disaster). For this reason in 2010 we will begin new topics for Emergency Services and Climate Extremes.

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